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The Second Brightway Soil Remediation System Starts Operation


On August 10, the contaminated soil remediation system of Brightway was on-site processing and remediating the contaminated soil.

Brightway soil remediation system

In April of this year, Brightway reached a cooperation with the customer in the contaminated soil remediation project of the abandoned chemical plant. The soil remediation plan and equipment designed and provided for the customer were modified. In the early operation, the treatment effect of the soil remediation system has been trusted and recognized by the customer for the first time . After that, the client decided to sign a purchase contract for the second soil remediation system with Brightway. This time, the concentrated treatment and restoration of the contaminated soil produced by the chemical battery production plant for a long period of time are mainly carried out.

Brightway soil remediation system

Due to the perennial impact of the chemical pollutants discharged by the battery factory, the surrounding environment of the reformed plant area is complex, the polluted soil contains a large amount of sand and gravel debris, the pollutants penetrate unevenly, and the repair is more difficult. After receiving the project, the right way energy passed Actual sampling and analysis, combined with the first on-site soil remediation experience, provided the project with a soil remediation plan for leaching, screening, dehydration, and solidification. Through mechanical and physical principles, it can change the form of hazardous substances in the soil and reduce the concentration of pollutants, so as to meet the requirements and standards of the national "Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Management Measures".

Brightway soil remediation system

At present, the contaminated soil is being concentrated, and the system is in the early stage of leaching and screening. Customers are satisfied with the treatment effect. Brightway will continue to summarize experience, optimize and improve the soil remediation plan, and extend it to other fields. In the field of soil remediation, Brightway has explored and practiced a set of mature remediation programs, providing customers with fully mature integrated soil remediation programs and equipment, including urban construction soil remediation, oilfield oil contaminated soil remediation, farmland re-cultivation soil remediation and other fields.

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