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The 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the motherland, All staff of Brightway sincerely wish our great motherland prosperity and strength forever. Wish all people of country happy and healthy, Happy National Day! At the same time, Also sincerely thank customers and friends of Brightway Company as always trust and support, also wish you a Happy National Day!



Over the past 70 years, our country has undergone tremendous changes. This is a moving epic of struggle, whether in the history of China or in the history of the world. The brilliant achievements of the past 70 years are inseparable from the efforts and contributions of thousands of enterprises in all walks of life. As the star of China's energy equipment manufacturing  in the new era, The development of Brightway Company is closely linked with the development of the country. In energy plate, urban construction plate, environmental protection plate and other three business plates, Committed to large and very large mud treatment equipment manufacturing, and assist national energy exploration and development, municipal construction, environmental protection management. Brightway's complete set of large-scale drilling solid control system has been exported overseas to assist drilling and production of overseas oil fields and win glory for China.



Since this year, In the energy sector, Brightway has completed a number of large oilfield solids control system projects  successfully in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East. In the municipal construction plate, the Separation Plant for shield pipe jacking project has been designed and manufactured for Thailand, Malaysia and other countries and has been operated successfully on site. In the environmental protection sector,Brightway have completed a number of oil field mud projects and river sludge dewatering projects successfully at home and abroad.  At present, some projects are still in intensive production. This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Brightway will take this as an opportunity to work together for 60 days to make a gift for the 70th birthday of the motherland!

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